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PCR vs Rapid Testing

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

More and more centers are providing both rapid and pcr testing to detect novel coronavirus. How does one decide which one to go with?

Some folks already know they want the pcr because they have heard it is more reliable, but do you know the numbers?

PCR has become the established norm for testing because it has the highest rate of detection. Especially when utilized by an experienced provider who can reach the posterior pharynx and make sure to collect sample throughout the nasal passage, the rate of detection is quite high.

Thankfully, good rapid tests virtually mimic PCR results with only a few percentage points of inferiority. For example, the Quidel Sofia 2 test we utilize has been demonstrated to match PCR testing in 96.7% of cases.

When it comes to using these tests, the provider you see at Glendale Covid Clinic by HHMD will advise you appropriately on which to select. There are many nuances and this decision is personalized for each patient.

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